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'll talk about that. >>> now to the latest with obama care. nancy pelosi saying that democrats are not losing confidence in the affordable care act. eamon javers is joining us. >> that's right, simon. pelosi points to those 39 democrat defectors and says that's not a big number when you consider the politics of the issue. the press conference was inspired by democrats up for re-election next year, coming to the white house really proetest of the obama carroe rollout. you never want to go into an election with a weak hand like this but nancy pelosi was on "meet the press" yesterday and asked about the political impact by david gregory. she refused to really go there saying that there's not going to necessarily be a clear line between what happens now and next year. >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year but i will tell you that democrats stand tall and support the affordable care act. we have great democrats running who are concerned about our economy and are concerned that government was shut down because of a whim on the part of the republicans. >> meanwhile,
to come. eunice yoon, thanks so much. >> president obama is set to meet with health insurance ceos today. john harwood with more. john? >> reporter: this is a huge mess. the administration is trying to do what it can to minimize the damage of that. that's the fix that the president announced today isn't likely to have a huge effect on the insurance market because most states and insurance companies want to move on to the new standard they've set, but the administration felt the need to deflect some of the heat that was coming on to themselves and to congressional democrats who vote today on a plan by republicans that would purport to fix the law but democrats believe it would gut the law by allowing new customers to come on to the individual market. the president will meet with those insurance executives this afternoon. he'll be taking some fire from them. they were criticizing his plan, the one industry source telling me yesterday this plan is a joke that just deflects blame on to the insurance companies. i would expect the administration to try to tell the insurance companies that they
in the bio science. >> will obama care help or hinder that development. does it get in the way or does it mean more access will drive better outcomes? >> i think the issue you are talking about obama care is focused on care and treatment. the largest part. if we are going to solve the problem, it really isn't care and treatment. the issue is really prevention, wellness, research cure. >> there are more and more people talking about this on wall street. the lines between a company like apple and some of the names that you are talking about in this conference are blurring, because, frankly, wearable technology and personalized medicine sounds like the next big wave. what's going to be the next facebook or twitter for this space? >> i don't know that i can make that prediction but there is a very rapid evolution naary proc going on here. what we need is a healthy ecosystem, that involves phrma and biotech and special device companies and computational companies that are dealing with big data. also, academic institutions which tend to be where the basic science gets done that undergirds al
expect this morning. >> president obama's nominee to head the federal reserve says the economy has gained much of the ground lost since basically the greatest depression since the 1930s but at 7.3%, janet yellen says unemployment remains still too high. in a wonderfully short and well crafted prepared state, by the way, here are a couple of key phrases from her statement. "a strong recovery will ultimately enable the fed to reduce its monetary accommodation and reliance on unconventional policy tools such as asset purchases." . no hints as to when they might begin tapering. first of all, maybe the senators might press ms. yellen on exactly what might be the key data points to begin and we've had stronger numbers in gdp and there was that 204,000 increase in jobs in october payrolls. republicans also may want to know so how long does tapering last and what is the risk going forward of inflation? and i think you could almost have kind of a jump ball between democrats and republicans over this whole notion of the fed's role as regulator post dodd-frank and this whole notion of regulating so-
and bottom line execute. this is not the headline the obama administration wanted to see. "washington post," unlikely to work by the end of november. what does that mean for the future of the health care law? we'll ask one of the authors. mike mayo, someone never afraid to speak out on the banks he covers, and today, b of a in his sights, and he's here to talk to us about it. call it extreme makeover. netflix edition. the online video company rolling out the biggest update to its tv experience in company history. we'll tell you exactly what has changed and what it means for you the next time you log on. >>> first up, key officials, including todd park, are testifying at a hearing on, and eamon brings us the highlights. >> reporter: we have a tense hearing going on up here on capitol hill. todd park is testifying up on capitol hill. the question whether he would testify or not has been resolved. is he there. he said he had hoped to have a little bit more time to work on the website before going up there. but members of this committee have been squabbling over e
it. this is a promise young people heard clearly, and it's one president obama needs to keep. even if it requires a change in the law. listen, i think what's going on with obama care, of course, is big. i think this is big. with respect to president clinton and his history in health care. but i think it's even bigger when you think about the context of this could be a first salvo among many as the former president, of course, happens to be married to who will likely be a prominent candidate for the democratic run for the presidency in the form of hillary clinton. i'm personally very interested to see what joe biden does. those will be a couple of debates i'd like to see. now, let's switch gears a bit to the marketplace. by the way, he is speaking out. wish he'd spoke out a bit sooner. 2.77 on a 10-year, the highest yield level since about mid-september. as the market continues to flex its muscles, especially after what was deem add very decent, in certain way, jobs report, although there were a lot of asterisks. let's go to another speaking out that is very similar, and it's on the
obama's inauguration. >> holy cow. >> 1,000 points. big debate online about who gets credit for that. >> i was working on t.a.r.p. yesterday. >> how does that work in terms of who gets credit? >> ben bernanke gets credit. >> ben bernanke deserves the credit. >> with the gm sale, t.a.r.p. is now profitable. >> we should have invested even more. >> the nation regrets that it didn't -- that it wasn't 120% long t.a.r.p. >> the idea that aig would pay in full, not to mention fannie and freddie is mind boggling. >> they managed the sale of the t.a.r.p. products, bringing the proceeds, tim masset, friend of mine from school, they didn't take any money, they didn't outsource this to morgan stanley. >> they didn't sell early either. >> tim promised on "mad money" he would not break price for general motors, he would sell that and you wouldn't get hurt if you bought it. they've done this very well. but president obama has been reluctant to take credit because that links you to the bailout and nobody wants to be linked to bailouts. >> investors are taking retail back to the wood shed. i don't k
obviously would fire the ceo if you had obama care. >> barry sternlicht, thanks for being here. this was a lot of fun. >> "squawk on the street" starts right now. >> good tuesday morning, welcome to "squawk on the street," i'm carl quintanilla, david faber and in europe some very weak action in the banks as we see more hand wringing over the rising euro and predictions over whether draghi will cut rates this week. several big consumers names reporting better-than-expected results. find out what it means for spending ahead of the holiday season. >> hey, we're just two days away from that twitter ipo. bet you haven't heard that before. find out why the head of nyse said not every ipo goes to the moon. >> and apple has tripled the number since last year's launch. >> t-mobile posting a rise in q3 revenues as the company added more than a million customers in the period. got to start with kors. 71 cents, beats by 3 cents, same-store sales plus 23. not the 45s, 41s we were seeing a few quarters ago. >> still, this is an amazing story. the last bit of research we had was a downgrade b
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that has a lot of people scratching their heads. obama care is being run by this agency but the question is if you're going to launch a web site, is this the agency you would necessarily choose to go out and do an extremely technical, complicated process that affects the entire country? >> eamon javers in washington, thank you very much. the federal site, the has been plagued from the start. now it looks like your location could play a major role in how well or how badly the site performs for you. bertha coombs is live in lexington, massachusetts with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, simon. we're at compuware. they've been doing an independent end user testing and monitoring of how people are accessing the site, it does seem there are differences. the government says it should all be the same because is the one portal for some 36 states but there are differences depending where you are. this is a map of what you have saw a couple of weeks ago. and tell us what the red means. obviously not good. >> so what you're seeing h
working. >> right. if you're obama, i think you're watch being the show -- probably not. but if you are, i think you'd be saying we didn't raise taxes high enough, these people are still spending! man, they spend like mad. >> we talk about it as many times being a result of the outgoing fed chairman. they were just talking about him on "squawk on the street." >> these are tiffany cuff links. i'm feeling it. we have the first amendment and we defend it in our country. >> we don't typically put squour journalists in jail. occasionally we do, which is a bit scary. >> the obama administration, they haven't been particularly kind of journalists. >> i want to speak out in favor of journalism. >> we can get to watch incredibly brave people in countries they would not believe. >> we stand up to ackman and icahn and these people stand up to tyrants and their families go to jail. that's the way it goes in other countries. >> we don't do that. anything in retail we should be looking at? >> container store starts with buys. remember vince the other day? there is just an allure to spending. if there is
hill testifying this time before the senate finance committee about obama. bertha coombs is live with the latest on this particular hearing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, simon. max baucus, the chairman of the house, the senate finance committee, this morning saying he was disappointed in how the roll-out had proceeded. he had said -- he was the one who famously said last april when kathleen sebelius was here that he was worried this would become a train wreck and there are many who would describe it as much. he did say in his opening statement that he didn't think it was time to change the person at the head of the situation, he didn't think that kathleen sebelius should step down now in the midst of the crisis. >> some people have called for your resignation. to borrow kennedy's word, with we cannot fix the blame for the past. you need to stay at hhs and help get the system working. >> he said he was still very concerned about the administration's comments about all of these cancelled plans and he would like to hear more about that. this is something that republicans
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? >> reporter: kelly, the obama white house has been struggling obviously with the tremendous p.r. flood of negative p.r. about obama care. today, jason furman, chairman of the economic advisors, published a report which tried to take credit for some of the positive news in health care, which is about the cost and price of health care. if you look, according to the report, the jason furman briefed us on moments ago, over the last three years, total national spending per capita on health care has risen at only a rate of 1.3% beyond inflation. that is much more moderate than at any three-year period since we began measuring in 1965. there's big debate over the source of the slowdown in health costs. some people attribute it to cyclical effects of the economic slowdown in general. other people attribute it in part to the changes from the affordable care act, and that's what jason furman was pressing, year-to-year price inflation in health care, the cost of specific health care services, is now running just 1%. and that translates into lower costs. if it is sustained for a private individual
. it's obama's fault. might get a tax. i don't know. >> reporter: are you excited about the holiday? >> i am excited because i'm here. can you kidding? it's been 6 degrees in michigan. >> reporter: all right. the second trend i'm seeing is pushback about shopping tomorrow. the retail federation says about 7 million fewer people are going to shop over the four-day weekend than last year, even though many stores are open on thanksgiving. most people here say they will not shop tomorrow and i got hilarious responses on twitter when i asked the question i'd rather what than going shopping on thanksgiving. "i'd rather judge a retirement home twerking contest, "i'd rather be a tech on the obama care web site," and "i'd rather volunteer as a tribute". a lot of those people will be shopping online, not actually in the stores. >> very true, jane. wow, some interesting responses to that one. jane wells in california for us. thank you. >> it's also a big weekend for the movies. "hunger games" already catching fire. but what are the big blockbusters to watch for the season in joining us is rich
or not people in washington want to get around the table and work that out. the big concern i have is the obama care overhang is not good. i think if you are locking at a potential problem, it would be that obama care isn't really working. you get this ground swell in congress yet again to try to overturn that. and that's what happened last, last month. >> that would not be great for the u.s. economy if we get back in that struggle. they're not good for stocks. >> you think one of the best keys to market sentiment is the after market. of course, we are coming off twitter last thursday. it's pretty healthy. >> it is. i think that's a lot of that has to do with what happened with the jobs act a couple years ago. i think the jobsing a provided for a great -- jobs act provided for emerging companies to act says capital in the u.s. it's something we have been working on a lot in d.c. with policy makers. we lobbied hard. it's worked out well as a blends, thoughtful piece of legislation, bipartisan, mind you. >> is it too early to know? if you look at the activity, the jobs act has been good at gettin
underweight until they make a change at the top. >> coming up, we will get first reaction from the obama administration to this morning's jobs report. labor secretary thomas perez will join us live and first on cnbc. here's a quick look at futures before we head to break. dow is now at 20 as we see the 10-year making some big moves. more live from the new york stock exchange when we come back. we asked people, "if you could get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> welcome back. time to take the pulse of the consumer now. mcdonald's posting global same-store sales of .5% in europe with growth in europe being the bright spot, u.s. comp sales missed expectations while sales in the asia pacific, middle east, africa region slumped. mea
. government rejecting fair home fund recapitalization proposal. obama administration adviser arguing the only way to revamp the home loan market is through what he calls rapid -- this is what he told us a week ago. >> we want to invest in the future. housing finance is most critical to the american dream and the government wants private capital to invest. we and other owners want to invest. so we are ready. americans want progress now so do owners. and we are ready. so let's move forward and let's do it. >> apparently the administration not ready to consider that kind of a plan in which they feel like you would still create a too big to fail entity that would have an implied government guarantee. we will see where we end up on this. we are coming close to the next payment where we will have taken in more than the $188 billion we spent to bail them out. >> was a good business. insurance business was good that they had. they bought a lot of stuff. they tried to compete against the banks. thin margins. >> i would say that senator corkern's office has done a lot of work. this is a momentum stock.
looking at obama care or regulations that i'm discussing now, there's four letters that make it all interesting. costs, that's why there's an avoidance there. but in the end, the global dynamics of trying to regulate markets when you have offshore facilities to usurp some of the rules it means it's going to be more difficult to monitor the market and much of the anxiety over what caused '08 may continue to move on. >> thank you. >>> days away from black friday and critics are taking aim at target via twitter. what they're saying to the retailer. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. >>> welcome back to "squawk on the street." shares of dialysis companies are on the move. a couple big names, davita, fresenius, reducing payments to providers by l
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